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List of Registered Stations

    The list of stations which have so far registered for IAW 2017 

    Please Note there is no reason why two or more stations can not support the same Air Ambulance,
     in fact, the more coverage they get  the better

Please Note: If you have a Web link to your own club and Air Ambulance, we can include it within the list on this page,
if you fill in either or both of the Web link entries in your registration form.

Entry #








 A002 M0KNH Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance 12-----89 Yeovil IO80PW HF VHF M0KNH
 A003 MOHEM London Air Ambulance 12345678- Dagenham


 A005 GB2KAA Kent Air Ambulance 12------89 Headcorn JO01HD HF VHF Kent Weald Radio Club
 A010 M0XLT Yorkshire Air Ambulance 123456789 Skipton IO83WX HF VHF M0XLT
 A012 GB2EAA Essex Air Ambulance 1---5---9 Colchester JO01IV HF VHF CW Essex Ham
 A017 GB2CAA North West Air Ambulance 12-----89 Northwich IO83SG HF VHF Widnes & Runcorn ARC
 A026 GB2SAA Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance 12345678- Lerwick IO99IV HF MM0NQY
 A027 GB4GNW Great North Air Ambulance 123456789 Bentham IO84RC HF VHF Sands Contest Group
 A028 GB1KSS Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust 12-----89 Manston JO01QI HF  PSK Hilderstone AR&EC
 A030 M0MNG Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance -234567-9 Littlehampton IO90ST HF VHF CW P E M0MNG
 A032 GB1AAT Cornwall Air Ambulance -------8- Redruth IO70JH HF CW PSK Cornish Amateur Radio Club
 A047 GB2WAA Wales Air Ambulance 12-----89 Dolgellau IO82BR HF VHF PSK Meirion Amateur Radio Society
 A048 GB4UAS Northern Ireland Air Ambulance 12345678- Lisburn IO64WL HF VHF Mid Ulster ARC
 A049 GB0GPF Northern Ireland Air Ambulance 123-5-789 Crawfordsburn IO74DQ HF VHF CW PSK Grey Point Fort ARC
 A050 2E0XTM Cornwall Air Ambulance 12-45-789 Padstowe IO70AA HF VHF 2E0XTM
 A051 CT2ISX Portugal Air Ambulance 12345678- Lisboa IM58KR HF VHF CT2ISX
 A052 GM7ESM Scottish Charity Air Ambulance 12345678- Blairgowrie IO86HN HF GM7ESM
 A053 2E0KAU Yorkshire Air Ambulance 1234567-- Thirsk IO94HE HF 2E0KAU/P
 A054 G4ADV Cornwall Air Ambulance 12-----89 Newquay IO70AA HF VHF Newquay & District ARS
 A055 MI0LPO Northern Ireland Air Ambulance 12345678- Antrim IO64SR HF VHF PSK MIOLPO
 A056 MI0GDO Northern Ireland Air Ambulance 12345678- Antrim IO65VR HF VHF MI0GDO
 A057 G7OGX Children's Air Ambulance 12345678- Liskeard IO70SM HF VHF PSK SSTV G7OGX
 A058 GB0FOC Warwickshire & Northamtonshire AAS 12------- Coventry IO92HJ HF VHF Coventry Amateur Radio Society
 A059 G0CAM Cornwall Air Ambulance 12345678- Truro IO70JF HF PSK G0CAM
 A060 MI6WMN Northern Ireland Air Ambulance 12345678- Rathfriland IO64VF VHF Echolink MI6WMN
 A061 G4GQL London Air Ambulance ----567-- Ilford JO01BO HF VHF PSK SSTV G4GQL
 A062 GM4LTH/P Essex & Herts Air Ambulance ------78- Stonaway IO55AA HF G4LTH
      TBA = Not yet notified      
R&E C = Radio & Electronics Club
VSC = Veteran Signals Club
RC = Radio Club
ARC = Amateur Radio Club
DARC = District Amateur Radio Club
ARS = Amateur Radio Society
ARG = Amateur Radio Group

More stations will be added to the list, as soon they complete registration.

The list on this page only contains this years registrations, the list of those who took part in earlier years can be found on the next page.

Registration gives both you and the stations you make contact with, several advantages. Other stations taking part will also know exactly where in the world both you are located from your callsign.


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