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List of registered Museums

    The list of Museums which have so far registered for IMW 2019 

Please Note: If you have a Web link to your own club or museum, we can include it within the list on this page,
if you fill in either or both of the Web link entries in your registration form.









 5002 GB0SNB Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker 1+2 Ongar JO01DQ HF VHF SNBCG
 5005 GB4LD Lizard Wireless Station 1+2 3+4 Lizard IN79JX HF CW Lizard Wireless Station
 5013 GB0YAM Yorkshire Air Museum 1+2 3+4 York IO93MW HF VHF CW DVARS
 5016 GB2NWA North Weald Airfield 1+2 North Weald JO01BR HF VHF LEFARS
 5023 GB2NAM NELSAM  1+2 Nr. Sunderland IO94GW HF VHF BARAC
 5024 GB2CPM Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre 1+2 3+4 Arundel, Sussex IO90RV HF VHF Amberley Museum ARG
 5026 GB4SMH RAF Signals Museum 1+2 3+4 Henlow IO92UA HF G3WQT Graham, G3OXG Dave
 5051 GB2HAM Harrington Aviation Museum 1+2 3+4 Northampton IO92NJ HF VHF CW Kettering and District ARS
 5066 GB0HMG Harlow Museum  1+2 3+4 Harlow JO01BS HF VHF PSK Harlow & DARS
 5167 GB2MOP Internal Fire Museum of Power 1 3 Cardigan, Wales IO72SC HF VHF CW GW7BBY
 5186 GB0FFP Flag Fen  3+4 Peterborough IO92VN HF Peterbough & DARC
 5202 GB0SHM Smithills Hall Museum 1 Bolton IO83SO HF VHF PSK Bolton Wireless Club
 5211 GB1HA Headcorn Aerodrome 1+2 3+4 Ashford, Kent JO01HD HF VHF PSK Kent Weald RC
 5232 GB2CAV HMS Cavalier 1 Chatham, Kent JO01GJ HF Medway ARTS
 5260 GB2KAY Kay Kendall Memorial 1+2 3+4 Withernsea JO03AR HF VHF East of Greenwich Radio Club
 5271 GB0MWM Military Wireless Museum 1+2 3+4 Kidderminster


HF VHF Military Wireless Museum RC
 5274 GB2NCM National Coalmining Museum 3+4 Wakefield IO93EP HF CW PSK Denby Dale ARS
 5282 YQ0RN Radionostalgia - Brusturi 1+2 3+4 Jibou KN17OD HF VHF CW E YO5BWQ
 5286 EI0CAR Fort Dunree Military Museum 1+2 Inishowen IO65FE HF E Carndonagh ARC
 5293 GB0PIT Astley Green Colliery Museum 4 Manchester IO83DL HF VHF CW P S GX4MWC
 5306 VK6WH Wireless Hill Museum 1+2 3+4 Booragoon OF77VX HF VHF E DMR Western Australian VHF group
 5318 GB4LMG Gloucester Folk Museum 1 Gloucester IO81VU HF VHF Gloucester AR and Electronics S
 5321 YR6MUSEUM Sekler Museum of Ciuc 1+2 3+4 M-Ciuc KN26VI HF CW PSK Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc
 5327 EI0CAR Inishowen Maritime Museum 3+4 Carndonagh IO65ME HF E Carndonagh ARC
 5331 TM53J Musee de l'Evolution Agricole 1+2 3+4 Juvigne IN98LF HF F6KSU
 5341 GB100HAL Trenchard Museum 3 Wendover IO91PS HF RAF Halton Radio Society
 5344 GB2CWP Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre 1 3 Spilsby IO93XD HF VHF CW Lincoln Short Wave Club
 5390 GB2RDR Royal Deeside Railway 1+2 Banchory IO87SB HF VHF CW Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society
 5397 GB5RSR Ribble Steam Railway 1 3 Preston IO83OS HF VHF Central Lancs ARC
 5412 VP8HDM Falkland Islands Historic Dockyard Museum 1+2 Stanley GD18BH HF VP8HDM
 5416 GB2KDR Keith and Dufftown Heritage Railway Museum 1+2 3+4 Dufftown IO87KK HF  VHF CW Grampian Hilltoppers contest group
 5422 VK4GLA Gladstone Maritime Museum 1+2 3+4 Gladstone QG56PD HF VHF E I Rockhampton & District + Gladstone ARC
 5429 OQ25PFB Fire Department Museum 1+2 3+4 Aalst JO20AW HF VHF CW PSK UBA-ARA
 5430 GB5HH Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre 1+2 Bournemouth IO90CR HF VHF PSK G3WZP/G3YUZ/G4XEE/G3XBZ
 5431 DL0WK Bergisches Museum fr Bergbau, Handwerk und Gewerbe 2 Bergisch Gladbach JO30NX HF CW OV Wermelskirchen R19
 5432 GB2NMM National Mining Museum of Scotland 3+4 Newtongrange IO85LU HF Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC
 5433 GB1NFM Northycote Farm 1 Wolverhampton IO82WP HF VHF Wolverhampton ARS
 5434 GB0AMM Aldershot Military Museum 1+2 Aldershot IO91OG HF VHF Farnborough & District RS
 5435 VK4WIR Archer Park Rail Museum 4 Rockhampton QG56GO HF VHF E I Rockhamptonand District ARC
 5436 GB0ATM Anglesey Transport Museum 1+2 Newborough IO73TE HF VHF CW Anglesey Radio Group
 5437 GB8AEM Anson Engine Museum 1+2 Poynton IO83WI HF VHF Warrington ARC
 5438 GB0MUS Bowes Railway 1 Springwell IO94FW HF VHF PSK Angel of the North ARC
 5439 GB2RAM Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson 1+2 Fareham IO90KU HF VHF CW Horndean & District ARC
 5440 GB1PPM Pompey Pals Museum 3+4 Portsmouth IO90LU HF VHF CW Horndean & District ARC
 5441 HA8AT/P Fodor Man Collection of Local History 1 BATTONYA KN06MH HF Regional Radio Sports Club, HA0KHW
 5442 GB2SRM Stephenson Railway Museum 1+2 Newcastle on Tyne IO95GA HF VHF GX0WKQ
 5443 GB0MFM Moira Furnace Museum 1+2 Measham IO92FR HF VHF Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Group
 5444 VK4CHV The Heritage Village Museum 1+2 3+4 Rockhampton QG56GP HF VHF cqara RadioClub
 5445 VK4FPKL Wreck Point Historic Memorial 3+4 Yepoon QG56JU HF VHF Echolink Rockhampton And District Amateur Radio Club
 5446 VK4ACC Central Queensland Military & Artifacts Museum 1+2 Rockhampton QG56GO HF Echolink Rockhampton And District Amateur Radio Club
 5447 GB2HMM Holyhead Maritime Museum 3+4 Holyhead IO73QH HF VHF Dragon Amateur Radio Club
      TBA = Not yet notified      
R&E C = Radio & Electronics Club
VSC = Veteran Signals Club
RC = Radio Club
ARC = Amateur Radio Club
DARC = District Amateur Radio Club
ARS = Amateur Radio Society
ARG = Amateur Radio Group

More museums will be added to the list, as soon they complete registration.

The list on this page only contains this years registrations, the list of those who took part in earlier years can be found on the Past events page.

Registration gives both you and the stations you make contact with, several advantages. Other stations taking part will also know exactly where in the world both you and your museum are located from your callsign.



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