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List of registered Museums

    The list of Museums which have so far registered for IMW 2017 

Please Note: If you have a Web link to your own club or museum, we can include it within the list on this page,
if you fill in either or both of the Web link entries in your registration form.









 5002 GB0SNB Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker 1+2 Ongar JO01DQ HF VHF SNBCG
 5013 GB0YAM Yorkshire Air Museum 1+2 3+4 York IO93MW HF VHF CW DVARS
 5014 GB2MOF East Fortune Museum of Flight 1+2 Haddington IO85PX HF Cockenzie &Port Seton ARC
 5021 GB2OWM Orkney Wireless Museum  1+2 Kirkwall IO88MX HF GM3IBU
 5051 GB2HAM Harrington Aviation Museum 1+2 3+4 Kettering IO92NJ HF VHF G5KN
 5134 GB0APS Abbey Pumping Station Museum  3+4 Leicester IO92KP HF CW PSK SSTV Leicester RS
 5211 GB1HA Headcorn Aerodrome 1+2 3+4 Ashford, Kent JO01HD HF VHF CW Kent Weald RC
 5213 GB2BM The Bay Museum 2 Canvey Island, Essex JO01HM HF VHF CW PSK South Essex ARS
 5255 GB0SHM Smithills Hall Museum 3 Bolton IO83SO HF VHF CW PSK Bolton Wireless Club
 5258 GB2RSM Royal Signals Museum 1+2 3+4 Blandford Forum IO80WU HF VHF CW PSK E Royal Signals ARS
 5272 GB2CAM Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre 1+2 3+4 Sleaford IO93SA HF VHF Grantham Amateur Radio Club
 5274 GB2NCM National Coalmining Museum 3+4 Huddersfield IO93EP HF CW Denby Dale ARS
 5292 GB0PA Parham Airfield Museum 1+2 3+4 Framlingham JO02QE HF G3XIX
 5318 GB4GLM Gloucester Folk Museum 1 Gloucester IO81VU HF CW Gloucester AR and Electronics S
 5331 TM53IMW Musee de l'Evolution Agricole 1+2 3+4 Juvigne IN98LF HF PSK Radioclub de Fourches F6KSU
 5352 GB6AR Amerton Railway Museum 1+2 Stafford IO92AU HF VHF Staffordshire Portable ARC
 5354 DM200LFS Historische Schauweberei Braunsdorf 1 Chemnitz JO60MV HF DARC  S54
 5359 OE3XHA Heimatmuseum - Haus des Moores 1+2 3+4 Heidenreichstein JN78NU HF VHF CW P S Amateurfunkclub Heidenreichstein
 5368 GB2SRM Stephenson Railway Museum 1+2 Newcastle IO95GA HF VHF CW STARS
 5377 CR5COM Museu da COMUR 1+2 Murtosa IN50QR HF CW PSK CT1EEB
 5378 CG3OIL Oil Museum of Canada 1 Oil Springs, Ontario EN82WS HF CW Lambton County Radio Club
 5379 GB1RAS Robertsbridge Aviation Society & Museum 3+4 Robertsbridge JO00FX HF VHF M0NUC
 5380 PI4HAL SS Rotterdam 1+2 3+4 Rotterdam JO21FV HF VHF CW PSK Crew PI4HAL
 5381 VK4KG R.A.A.F. Heritage Centre Townsville 1+2 3+4 Townsville


 5382 GB2BOX Boxted Airfield Museum 4 Colchester


HF VHF CW PSK South Essex A.R.S.
 5383 TBA Hanley Museum 1+2 3+4 Hanley (Stoke on Trent) IO82WA HF M0OBU
 5384 GB4SRM Locomotion 1 Shildon IO95EO HF VHF GB4SRM
 5385 GX4PRS Poole Museum 1+2 Poole IO90AR HF CW PSK Poole Radio Society
 5386 GB4CTM Coventry Transport Museum 1+2 Coventry IO92FJ HF VHF PSK Coventry ARS
 5387 GB0BCG Barr Castle Museum 3 Galston IO75TO HF Kilmarnock and Loudoun ARC
 5388 GB6CHM  Cold Harbour Mill 1+2 Ufculm IO80HV HF VHF Tiverton
 5389 MN0VFW Ulster Aviation Society 1+2 3+4 Lisburn IO64WL HF VHF Mid Ulster ARC
      TBA = Not yet notified      
R&E C = Radio & Electronics Club
VSC = Veteran Signals Club
RC = Radio Club
ARC = Amateur Radio Club
DARC = District Amateur Radio Club
ARS = Amateur Radio Society
ARG = Amateur Radio Group

More museums will be added to the list, as soon they complete registration.

The list on this page only contains this years registrations, the list of those who took part in earlier years can be found on the Past events page.

Registration gives both you and the stations you make contact with, several advantages. Other stations taking part will also know exactly where in the world both you and your museum are located from your callsign.



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