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List of registered Museums

    The list of Museums which have so far registered for IMW 2023

Please Note: If you have a Web link to your own club or museum, we can include it within the list on this page,
if you fill in either or both of the Web link entries in your registration form.









 5005 GB4LD Marconi  Lizard Wireless Station 1+2 3+4 Helston IN79JX HF Vhf CW DIG Lizard Wireless Station
 5024 GB2CPM Amberley Museum 1+2 3+4 Arundel IO90RV HF Amberly Radio Group
 5028 GB1BM Brooklands Museum 1+2 3+4 Weybridge, Surrey IO91SI HF VHF  CW DIG G0SWC
 5051 GB2HAM Harrington Aviation Museum 1+2 3+4 Northampton IO92NJ HF VHF GB2HAM
 5066 GB0HMG Harlow Museum & Gardens  1+2 3+4 Harlow JO01BS HF VHF DIG Harlow & DARS
 5093 GB2ATM East Anglia Transport Museum 1+2 3+4 Lowestoft JO02UK HF VHF Lowestoft District & PYE ARC
 5124 GB8CC Conisborough Castle 1+2 3+4 Doncaster IO93JL HF VHF Dig PSK IRLP Mexborough & D.A.R.S
 5166 GB2RRM Ramsey Rural Museum 1+2 Ramsey,Cambridgeshire IO92WK HF VHF CW Huntingdonshire ARS
 5167 GB2MOP Internal Fire Museum of Power 1+2 Cardigan, Wales IO72SC HF GW7BBY
 5202 GB2SHM Smithills Hall Museum 3 Bolton IO83SO HF VHF PSK Bolton Wireless Club
 5211 GB1HA Headcorn Aerodrome 1+2 3+4 Ashford, Kent JO01HD HF VHF CW PSK Kent Weald RC
 5216 GB0SSB Scotlands Secret Bunker 1+2 3+4 Anstruther IO86PG HF VHF CW Glenrothes & DARC
 5250 GB1MSM Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum 3+4 Ramsgate JO01QI HF VHF CW Dig Hilderstone Radio Club
 5272 GB2CAM Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre 1+2 3+4 Sleaford IO93SA HF VHF CW Grantham Amateur Radio Club
 5282 YQ0RN Radionostalgia - Brusturi 1+2 3+4 Jibou KN17OD HF VHF CW YQ0RN
 5291 J42OSE Railway Museum 1+2 3+4 Thessaloniki KN10KP HF VHF CW SSTV D SZ2T
 5293 GB0PIT Lancashire Mining Musem 3+4 Leigh IO83DL HF VHF CW DIG West Manchester Radio Club
 5301 GB1SAM Sleap Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group 3+4 Shrewsbury IO82OU HF CW Salop ARS
 5321 YR6MUSEUM Szekler Museum of Ciuc 1+2 3+4 Miercurea-Ciuc KN26VI HF VHF PSK DIG SSB Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc
 5378 CJ3OIL Oil Museum of Canada 1 Oil Springs, Ontario EN82WS HF CW Lambton County Radio Club
 5396 GB1AMB Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings 1+2 3+4 Bromsgrove IO82XI HF VHF DIG Bromsgrove & District ARC
 5397 GB5RSR Ribble Steam Railway 1+2 3+4 Preston IO83OS HF VHF DIG Central Lancs ARC
 5410 GB0RTM Rougham Control Tower Aviation Museum 1+2 3+4 Bury St Edmunds JO02JF HF VHF CW Bury St Edmunds ARS
 5412 VP8HDM Falkland Islands Historic Dockyard Museum 1+2 Stanley GD18BH HF DIG Falklands Amateur Radio Club
 5416 GB2KDR Keith and Dufftown Heritage Railway Museum 1+2 3+4 Dufftown IO87KK HF  CW SSB Grampian Hilltoppers contest group
 5436 GB0ATM Anglesey Transport Museum 3+4 Aberffraw IO73TE HF VHF CW SSB GW4ARG
 5443 GB0MFM Moira Furnace Museum 1+2 Swadlincote IO92FR HF VHF FT8 Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Group
 5458 GB0CCH Centre for Computing History 1+2 3+4 Cambridge JO02BF HF VHF CW Cambridge & District ARC
 5462 NI6BB Battleship Iowa 1 San Pedro CA DM03UR HF CW BATTLESHIP IOWA ARA
 5466 W0AK Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center 1 Des Moines, Iowa EN31EM HF VHF CW Des Moines Radio Amateurs' Association
 5472 GB6BAM Brenzett Aeronautical Museum 3+4 Ashford JO01KA HF VHF CW PSK Kent Weald RC
 5474 GB1MHM Moseley Heritage Museum 1+2 3+4 Redruth IO70JF HF VHF Dig Cornish ARC
 5475 N65JV San Joaquin County Historical Museum 1 Lodi CA CM98ID HF VHF CW Lodi Amateur Radio Club
 5478 VP8GGM Goose Green 1982 War Museum 3+4 Stanley GD08ME HF Dig Falklands Amature Radio Club
 5479 GB2PLM Predannack Anti-Aircraft Battery & Museum 1+2 3+4 Helsten IN79JX HF Predannack Lizard Museum
 5480 GB2ST Standedge Tunnel 1+2 Huddersfield IO93AO HF M0RBG
 5481 GB0BUS Wythall Transport Museum 1+2 Birmingham IO92BI HF VHF ECHO Wythall Radio Club
 5482 W8C Champaign Aviation Museum 1+2 Urbana, OH EN80DD HF CW Champaign Aviation Museum
 5483 MX0WGS Wings Museum 1 3 Crawley IO91VB HF VHF CW Wings Museum
 5484 GB0DHM de Havilland Aircraft Museum 1+2 London IO91UR HF G3ZER
 5485 GB0CJM Great British Car Journey 3+4 Belper IO93GB HF VHF FT8 Nunsfield House ARG
 5486 GX4ZFR Suffolk Aviation Heritage Museum 1+2 Ipswich JO02OB HF VH  Dig FDARS (Felixstowe and District ARS)
 5487 GX4LMR Furness Railway Trust 1+2 4 Preston IO83QR HF British Railways ARS
 5488 GX5JCB The Last Post 1+2 3+4 Pensarn Beach IN94IN HF Last Post
 5489 GX3EFX The Forties Experience 1+2 3+4 Watford IO91TP HF VHF Radio Society of Harrow
 5490 SX2AIGAI New Museum of Vergina 1+2 3+4 VERIA KN10CM HF VHF Dig System 3rd Forest Scouts Veria
 5490 SX2AIGAI New Museum of Vergina 1+2 3+4 VERIA KN10CM HF VHF Dig System 3rd Forest Scouts Veria
 5491 GB3RS NRC, Bletchley Park Museum 1+2 3+4 Bletchley IO91PX HF VHF National Radio Centre
 5492 GB1HMM Holyhead Maritime Museum 1+2 Holyhead IO73QH HF VHF CW Dig Holy Island Amateur Radio Club
 5493 LA1LGN Bergen Radio, Rundemanen 1+2 Bergen JP20qj HF VHF Dig Bergen Kringkaster
 5494 GB2BRS Bawdsey Radar Museum 4 Felitstowe JO01QX HF CW SSTV Bawdsey Radio Club
 5495 GB2NTM Norfolk Tank Museum


Long Straton JO02OL HF CW Norfolk Tank Museum
 5496 K6AA Los Angeles Maritime Museum


San Pedro DM03UR HF VHF Dig United Radio Amateur Club
 5497 GM4SUF Dunrobin Castle 3 Golspie IO87AX HF Dig SADARC
 5498 GB1MGG Museum of Gadget and Gismos 3 Spalding JO02AP HF FT8 Peterborough and District ARC
 5499 J42OSE LOMZA 3 Lomza KO13AE SP4LOM Lom
      TBA = Not yet notified      
R&E C = Radio & Electronics Club
VSC = Veteran Signals Club
RC = Radio Club
ARC = Amateur Radio Club
DARC = District Amateur Radio Club
ARS = Amateur Radio Society
ARG = Amateur Radio Group

More museums will be added to the list, as soon they complete registration.

The list on this page only contains this years registrations, the list of those who took part in earlier years can be found on the Past events page.

Registration gives both you and the stations you make contact with, several advantages. Other stations taking part will also know exactly where in the world both you and your museum are located from your callsign.



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